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Illumination Fuse F-555




Type Classification

Electrically ignited time fuse for illuminating ammunition

Intended for firing in 84mm RCL Carl Gustaf guns



The F-555 embodies the most recent improvements in technology and safety philosophy.

The SAD device includes three independent safeties : set-back, centrifugal and combined, ensuring an unmatched safety level.

Function distance is manually set without tools.


Main Characteristics

Electrically ignited time fuse

Highly sensitive impact detector

Distance setting : 300, 600, 900, 1200, 1500, 1800 & 2100 [m]

Hermetically sealed for entire fuse life-time


Safety Features

Safety for storage, transport and handling (NO pull-wires)

Trajectory safety ensured by a sophisticated mechanical SAD

Electronic module additionally ensures safety features

Sterilization : 60 min. after impact the fuse does not, and can not generate the necessary energy to be accidentally ignited, the shell can thus be handled safely after one hour.

NO STORED ENERGY prior to firing


Functional Parameters

Functional acceleration lower limit : 80'000 [m/s2]

Functional acceleration upper limit : 200'000 [m/s2]

Shell muzzle rotation lower limit : 70 [Hz] - Shell muzzle rotation upper limit : 100 [Hz]

Temperature limits storage : - 54 / + 71 [C] - Temperature limits function : - 40 / + 60 [C]


Arming Parameters

Minimum muzzle safety distance : 40 [m] - All arm condition : 70 [m]


Reference Standard : MIL-STD-1316, STANAG 3525, MIL-STD-1472


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