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Light Gun Fuse F-980




Type Classification

Electrically ignited super-quick point-detonating fuse for tank ammunition with graze function

The F-980 is designed for the HE & SMK projectiles used in 90 mm MK3, TS90 and DEFA F1 gun.



The F-980 is an adaptation of the highly reliable F-985


Main Characteristics

Electrically ignited upon impact

Highly sensitive impact detector, independent of impact angle

Hermetically sealed for entire fuse life-time

Adaptable to all types of shells (HE or Training)


Safety Features

Safety for storage, transport and handling (NO pull-wires)

Two independent safety features, an acceleration level and air pressure detector

Trajectory safety ensured by a sophisticated mechanical SAD

Electronic module additionally ensures safety features

Sterilization : 60 min. after impact the fuse does not, and can not generate the necessary energy to be accidentally ignited.

Rain safety : no reaction to a rain drop of max. 5mm diameter

NO STORED ENERGY prior to firing


Functional Parameters

Functional acceleration lower limit : 12'500 [G]

Functional acceleration upper limit : 26'000 [G]

Sensitivity impact angle : min. 2 [] - working limit deceleration of 250 [G] minimum in any direction

Temperature limits storage : - 54 / + 71 [C] - Temperature limits function : - 40 / + 62 [C]


Arming Parameters

Minimum muzzle safety distance : 25 [m] - All arm condition : 75 [m]


Reference Standard : MIL-STD-1316, MIL-STD-331, MIL-STD-105


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