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Tank Fuse F-985





Electrically ignited super-quick point-detonating fuse for tank ammunition with optional delay function

The F-985 is designed for 120 mm projectiles MBT-L44 smooth bore guns.



The F-985 which is embodies the most recent improvement in the technology and safety philosophy, is a highly reliable double function fuse.

The fuse has a switch allowing either a super-quick PD mode (50 microsec.) or a delay-mode with a delayed action time (12 to 35 ms.) The delay-mode is ideal for resistant target penetration eg. reinforced concrete wall up to 10 cm thick - ensuring the explosion of the shell beyond the target or ricochet.


Main Characteristics

Electrically ignited upon impact

Highly sensitive impact detector, independent of impact angle

Hermetically sealed for entire fuse life-time

Adaptable to all types of shells (HE or Training)


Safety Features

Safety for storage, transport and handling (NO pull-wires)

Two independent safety features, an acceleration level an air pressure detector

Trajectory safety ensured by a sophisticated mechanical SAD

Electronic module additionally ensures safety features

Sterilization : 60 min. after impact the fuse does not, and can not generate the necessary energy to be accidentally ignited.

Rain safety : no reaction to a rain drop of max. 5mm diameter

NO STORED ENERGY prior to firing


Functional Parameters

Functional acceleration lower limit : 60'000 [m/s2]

Functional acceleration upper limit : 130'000 [m/s2]

Sensitivity impact angle : 0 to 90 [] - working limit deceleration of 1'000[ m/s2]  in any direction

Temperature limits storage : - 54 / + 71 [C] - Temperature limits function : - 40 / + 60 [C]


Arming Parameters

Minimum muzzle safety distance at Vo = 700 [m/s] : 100 [m]


Reference Standard : MIL-STD-1316D, STANAG 3525 - MIL-STD-331, MIL-STD-105


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