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The HE 120 F1 round is designed to increase the efficiency of main battle tanks in urban and semi-urban war theatres. Its anti-structural effects have been optimised to deal with ambush situations and to create breaches.

Its application also extends to troops deployed in forests and light armoured vehicles.


The HE 120 F1 round is a NATO 120mm calibre ammunition. It complies with the STANAG 4385-4187-4170 and MOPI AEP 26 requirements. It can be fired by the Leclerc, Abrams M1 (A1 and A2), Leopard 2, C1 Ariete and other MBTs fitted with smoothbore guns.



The head fuse, equipped with a double mode (default impact mode and delay mode) and with double safety, ensures the HE 120 F1 round great sensitivity in skimming flight (may be used in snowy terrain). In a later version, a time fuse will allow increased efficiency for top-attack. 


The result of a collaboration, the HE 120 F1 round is based on the recognized know-how of both partners Nammo and Giat Industries. It includes integration of series components. The focus was placed on reliability and competitiveness.


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