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Safety & Arming Device MS-493




General Description

The MS-493 is a mechanical detonator safety device for us in spinning ammunition. It has been designed for assembly in the anti-ship fuse M94.


The MS-493 contains a detonator.



Diameter maximum : 28.05 [mm]

Height maximum : 11.90 / 16.20 [mm]


Weight : Without explosive components : 23 [g]


Functional Parameters


Axial acceleration minimum 40'000 [m/s2] - Axial acceleration maximum 160'000 [m/s2]

Spinning Rate minimum 3'500 [rpm] - Spinning Rate maximum 318'000 [rpm]

Temperature range : - 35 < + 60 [C]


Arming Time Parameters

Rotational : 14'000 [rpm] Arming time : 0.14 to 0.25 [s]



The MS-493 integrates a set-back and a centrifugal safety device. Prior to firing, i.e. in safety position, the explosive train is interrupted.

Driven by centrifugal force, the MS-493 ensures a constant safety distance in front of the muzzle for a given type of gun, independent of the initial speed of the projectile.


Matching of other Requirements

This S&A device has been designed in such a way as to be easily adaptable to the requirements of guns with other characteristics.


Reference Standards : MIL-STD-331A, MIL-STD-105D, STANAG 3525, MIL-STD 1316C


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